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Frequently Asked Questions

Please give me general info about the app ? 

The App displays trigger points in on a 3D interactive model. Trigger points wrap around the body and its hard to visualize them in a 2D book. By being able to rotate the body it helps you and your patients to understand where the pain is coming from. The body is divided into seven regions:

  • Head and neck

  • Shoulder and upper arm 

  • Elbow, wrist and hand

  • Spine and abdomen

  • Lumbo-pelvic

  • Upper leg

  • Lower leg and foot

If you aren’t sure which muscle is causing the referred pain the App helps you to search by allowing you to select and highlighting the region where the patient experiences their symptoms; or by searching for a specific symptom like sore throat, this is done in the portrait mode.


Once you select the region it gives you a 3D interactive visual guide to each of the muscle anatomy, the trigger points and the trigger point pain map. If you know which muscle you re looking for switch to landscape mode and the App allows you to search by region and then the muscle name.

Once you are in landscape mode you can:

  • Click on muscle information for a full guide to anatomy and function

  • Click on the mail icon and email self-help information and advice to your patient

  • Click on the play button for each muscle which brings up the option to play one of 4 Dr Gerwin videos for each muscle where he explains: 

    • Trigger point overview, 

    • Trigger Point information for the selected muscle, 

    • Safety and 

    • needling techniques for the muscle

There is also a Dr Bob Gerwin video library with videos on ‘how to’ needle as well as advice and ideas about treating specific conditions such as whiplash or carpal tunnel syndrome.


Is the app for professionals?

Whilst anyone can use the app to locate their trigger points, it is designed for healthcare professionals, the needling videos should only be unlocked by healthcare professionals who have studied how to needle and have a valid professional indemnity insurance policy.  


How can I download the app?

Simple – the App is available in the Apple App store and the Google play store - click on download 

If I pay and unlock the app what are the advantages?

As a launch special, after your seven-day free trial you have the option to purchase the software as a one-time for $19.99 this allows you to use the full software apart from the needling videos which are available as an in-app purchase wither by single region for $39 or for all seven regions $199. 


Do you have customer support? 

We have a live chat on the website and you can leave us messages.

What hours customer support works? 

Monday to Friday 9:00 - 17:00 GMT +2

If I have problems with the app where can I send an email 


If I change my mind, will you give my money back?

You have seven days to try the App for free, we hope that’s enough time for you to enjoy using it. We don’t offer a money back guarantee at the moment. You can check on your account in the app by selecting the settings button on the left side of your screen (in landscape).


Are there any videos available how to use the app?

It’s all pretty simple - The App has a series of onboarding screens to guide you through how to use it.