Dr. Bob Gewin Library

Trigger Points 3D is the Gold Standard for Clinical and Educational practice. We are proud and honored to partner with Trigger Points Guru Dr. Bob Gerwin and creating one of a kind full technical encyclopedia for students and professionals to access anywhere. 

Bob Gerwin's library is divided into four sections:

*Please note: Patient's safety and best practice are at our forefront. To access needling videos within the software, we required proof of needling course completion (certification). To apply please download the app and upload certification. 

Functional Anatomy 

Trigger Point 


Locating the correct muscle and understanding the surface Anatomy not only improves the treatment efficacy and outcomes. Bob Gerwin shares his vast knowledge of functional anatomy and where appropriate, muscle testing to help you isolate the correct place to apply treatment, be it needling or hands-on. 

Listen to Dr Gerwins Encyclopedic knowledge of trigger points as he presents the pain patterns, causes and priceless gems of information about the trigger point. Click the "i" button to get instant information on each muscle.  


"First do no harm" (Hippocrates) - as we all know safety is a hugely important part of modern healthcare. Avoid potential problems and learn the safest approaches with Trigger Points Guru Dr. Bob Gerwin. As a Neurologist (FAAN) and pain specialist, Bob is uniquely place to explore the essential safety tips for muscle needling and best practice.


Trigger Points 3D sets the Gold Standard for Deep Dry Needling (IMS). We are proud and honored to have partnered with Trigger Points Guru Dr. Bob Gerwin to deliver you best practice in clinical safety and needling techniques. 




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