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Plantaris is one of the small posterior knee muscles which is often overlooked as a source of pain. It is often associated with "unexplained" pain at the back of the knee. Part of the triceps surae, the long thin tendon is similar to the Palmaris Longus tendon in the wrist. The triceps surae is comprised of the two-headed gastrocnemius, (plantaris) and the soleus. One of the main causes we see clinically is related to a change in footwear or even the use of an orthotic. Subtle repetitive stress or overload on this small muscle can lead to a ‘localized burning pain’ type symptom picture. The pain may also mimic Pes Ancerinus Bursopathy.

Trigger Point Comments

The pain map for Plantaris is similar to that of the medial proximal head of gastrocnemius. Equally, the medial proximal gastrocnemius has a similar injury and loading profile to Popliteus. 

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