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Flexor Carpi Radialis takes its origin from its common flexor tendon on the anterior aspect of the medial epicondyle, and insertion in the carpal bones themselves. In general, the wrist flexors all radiate pain maps into the fingers. The pain map for the Flexor Carpi Radialis is commonly felt as a stabbing pain in the middle palmar surface of the wrist joint. Because of its pain map it can sometimes be confused with carpal tunnel syndrome.


Wrist and elbow pain can have a significant impact on quality of life. Often protracted, elbow and wrist pain accounts for approximately 2%-5% of all patient visits to doctors for musculoskeletal pain. Trigger points and trigger point therapy have an important role to play in both reducing symptoms and in preventing recurrence. We rely on proper hand and wrist functioning to manipulate our environment so patients are motivated to seek answers to their pain. It is also important, though, to see trigger points in the context of the body mechanics as a whole, especially the shoulder and the spine.

When treating Trigger Points in the Wrist Flexors remember to check the triceps for trigger points, especially if the situation is chronic. Another tip is to check for trigger points in the extensor muscles too (this is because they are reciprocally wired antagonists).

How do you treat trigger these trigger points? We’d be delighted if you want to share your own best practice.

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