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Plantaris is a small and sometimes forgotten muscle in the posterior aspect of the knee. Part of the triceps surae, its long slender tendon is equivalent to the tendon of the palmaris longus in the arm. The origin is from the lower part of lateral supracondylar ridge of femur and adjacent part of its popliteal surface and theoblique popliteal ligament of knee joint. Its insertion is all the way down to the foot to the posterior surface of the calcaneus. Popliteal fossa pain in 2–3 cm zone, radiating 5–10 cm inferiorly into calf.


Trigger points in the Plantaris muscle tend to be highly correlated with the use of high heeled shoes. The patient may also present with pain going up stairs and when examined they may well have pes planus /dropped arch. Other issues which might predispose to trigger points in the Plantaris can be after a leg fracture, after prolonged driving and prolonged sitting with the back of the legs resting on a chair.

Part of the triceps surae. Its long slender tendon is equivalent to the tendon of the Palmaris Longus in the arm.

How do you treat trigger these trigger points? We’d be delighted if you want to share your own best practice.

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